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Introduction :-

The Pune-based IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra Pvt. Ltd. (IIT-P) is the undisputed leader in training students for Engineering Entrance Exams in Western India. 1 out of every 3 IIT or BITS PILANI selections from Pune in the past 13 years from 2002-14 have been from IIT-P alone. In 2014, IIT-P recorded the highest number of JEE selections in Pune with 244 JEE MAINS qualifications and 56 JEE ADVANCED qualifications. 1 out of every 3 JEE 2014 Pune selections from IIT-P alone! Students trained at IIT-P have excelled in all Engineering Entrance Exams like JEE MAINS, JEE ADVANCED, BITSAT, VITEE, & XII Boards as well. A number of IIT-P students have won medals at the International Olympiads, scholarships from foreign universities & KVPY as well. Almost all of these successful students have been from the 2-years GRANDMASTERS program which commences after Std. X.

Admission into the prestigious GRANDMASTERS program is based on a written Test called GRANDMASTERS ENTRANCE TEST (GET). Admissions into the GRANDMASTERS 2017 program (14th Batch since 2002) will be on the basis of the GET-2015 examination.


    The GET-FRESHERS is for Std. X students who have an excellent track record in school academics but have no formal background of IIT Foundation studies or of competitive exams like NTSE / MTSE / IPM / Olympiads etc. Such students will have to clear GET-FRESHERS and will be admitted into the GRANDMASTERS 2017 program which is meant to train students for XII Boards & JEE 2017 (MAINS & ADVANCE).

    The GET-SCHOLARS is for Std. X students who have either a firm background of IIT Foundation studies in Std.8,9,10 from a reputed IIT-JEE academy or have performed excellently in at least one of the following competitive exams :
    • NTSE - NTS Scholar (Cleared 2-3 stages)
    • MTSE - (Won District / State Level Scholarship)
    • HOMI BHABHA SCIENCE EXAM / IPM – (Silver / Gold Medal)
    • UNIFIED COUNCIL / ASSET ONLINE – (Top 100 State Rank)

Students clearing GET-SCHOLARS will be admitted into the MSTAR program which will train them rigorously for XII Boards + JEE 2017 (MAINS & ADVANCE) and shall also guide students for the Physics & Chemistry Olympiads.

MSTAR is the premier stream of the GRANDMASTERS program comprising of the brightest students. MSTAR has only 150 seats and will be conducted at JM Road, Kothrud, Aundh and PCMC. MSTAR will commence JEE training from June 1, 2015 itself.


  • GET-FRESHERS 2015 :

    GET-FRESHERS 2015 will be a 1.5 hour Test for 200 marks in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Mental Ability. The syllabus for Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry is exactly the same as that for Std. X. (common part of SSC, CBSE and ICSE syllabus). Students appearing for GET FRESHERS 2015 will have a choice of language of the Question Paper (in English or Marathi only). GET-FRESHERS 2015 will have 50 Multiple Choice Questions (20 each in Math & Science + 10 Puzzles) having exactly 4 options of which only one will be correct. The total marks is 200. Questions asked in the GET will test the conceptual grasp & analytical skills of the student. Questions based on rote memory will generally not be asked in the GET 2015.

    Marking Scheme:
    4 marks will be awarded for every correctly attempted answer and 1 mark will be deducted for every incorrectly attempted answer. No marks will be awarded or deducted for not attempting the question. Use HB pencil to darken the bubbles.
  • GET-SCHOLARS 2015 :

    GET-SCHOLARS 2015 will be a 2.5-hours Test for 250 marks in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry. The syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is broadly the syllabi taught till Std. X (common part of SSC, CBSE and ICSE). GET-SCHOLARS 2015 will have 25 Subjective Questions (10 each in Math & Physics + 5 questions in Chemistry). Students appearing for the GET-SCHOLARS 2015 will have a choice of language of the Question Paper (in English or Marathi only).

    Marking Scheme:
    Each of the 25 questions will carry 10 marks totaling to 250 marks. A student will be granted either 10 marks, 5 marks or 0 marks for any question attempted.

GET Sample Paper :

A sample paper for GET-FRESHERS & GET-SCHOLARS can be downloaded from the official website of IIT-P at Broadly, you must understand that the genre of questions expected will be along the lines of questions asked in competitive exams like NTSE for GET-FRESHERS. Questions in GET-SCHOLARS will be along the lines asked in the Olympiads.

GET Logistics :

The Test will be conducted on pre-announced dates typically on Sundays at a central location like Shivajinagar in Pune city.

About GrandMasters Program :

The GRANDMASTERS program was conceived by Prof. D.C. Mangeshkar (B.Tech., IIT-Bombay) in 2002 to train students for IIT-JEE in Pune. The challenge was to design a rigorous academic program which can be run considering the sensibilities, typicalities and constraints that are prevalent in Pune city. The track record and the feedback of our students and parents in the past 13 years has established beyond doubt that the GRANDMASTERS program has satisfied the requirements of students in Pune city !

The GRANDMASTERS program has been continually enhanced from year to year and in the present form has three streams – MSTAR, BATCH M & CAREERSECURE. Students are allocated the respective streams depending on their performance in the respective GET exam and the first 4 monthly Tests of the GRANDMASTERS program.

You will be furnished more information about the different streams after clearing the GET through SEMINARS, detailed brochures and one-to-one counseling by admission personnel.

Academic Calendar for GRANDMASTERS 2017 Program :

Time Line Course Highlight Weekly Load Daily Load
May - June 2015 Refresher Program 3 days / week 2 hours / day
July – Oct 2015 Phase – 1 (Std. XI Foundation) 4-6 days / wk 2.5 hours / day
Nov 2015 – Mar 2016 Phase – 2 ( JEE Lectures) 6 days / week 3 hours / day
April mid – Oct 2016 Phase – 3 (XII + JEE Lectures) 6 days / week 3 hours / day
Nov – Jan 2017 Phase – 4 (Weekly Test Series) 4 days / week 2.5 hours / day
Jan - Feb 2017 XII Boards Guidance X X
Mar – May 2017 Phase – 5 : Finale As per plan As per plan


  • IIT-JEE :

    • 516+ IIT-JEE Ranks since 2002
    • 2000+ NIT Selections since 2002
    • 244 JEE MAINS Ranks in 2014
    • 56 JEE ADVANCED Ranks in 2014
  • BITSAT :

    • 400+ BITS PILANI selections since 2005
    • 72 BITSAT scores above 250 marks in 2014

    200+ students with PCM score of 80% and above in 2014.
  • TOP 4 PUNE :

    500+ Admissions in COEP / PICT / VIT / MIT since 2002 COLLEGES


The IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra Pvt. Ltd.

The Premier Institute for Engineering Entrance Exams !

HO : 201, City Mall,
Ganeshkhind Road,
Near Pune University,
Shivajinagar, Pune – 5.
Ph : 020 - 65202259 / 65219821

BO : 204, Sahil Arcade,
Above Modern Foods,
Next to Hotel Panchali,
JM Road, Shivajinagar, Pune-5
Ph : 020- 64000583

Nagar Rd Office: 2nd Floor,
Sapphire Square,
Bombay Sappers Colony,
Behind D’mello Petrol Pump,
Nagar Road.

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GET 2015 Helpline Numbers : 020 - 65219821 / 64000583 / 65202259


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