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Medical Entrance Exams Scenario

There are hardly 335 Medical colleges in India catering to about 40000 seats across the nation. The admission to all these Medical colleges is on the basis of an Entrance exam. In 2013, as per the directives of the Central Govt., all the Medical Entrance exams across the nation were replaced by a Single National Medical Entrance Exam called NEET. The current Modi Govt. has planned to bring back the NEET from 2016 onwards as per the latest National Medical Policy 2015 document. In 2014 and 2015, NEET was cancelled due to a Supreme Court ruling and numerous Medical Entrance exams were conducted for various colleges. In Maharashtra, admission via 85% State quota is on the basis of MH-CET exam and via 15% National quota is on the basis of AIPMT exam. There are hardly 1200 GMC seats in Maharashtra and hence the competition is acute as over 1.5 Medical aspirants write the Entrance exams from Maharashtra.

There is a review petition on NEET which has been admitted by the Supreme Court of India and hence there is hope that NEET shall be reinstated by the Supreme Court or by the Central Govt as stated in its latest Medical policy.

In the meanwhile, there is utter uncertainty and confusion about what would be the Entrance exams scenario from 2016 onwards. We have no option but to wait and watch for clarity to emerge.


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