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IIT-P offers 2 excellent books for IIT Foundation by post. IIT-P conducts a popular IIT Foundation program in Pune called PRODIGY Program for Std.7,8,9,10 students. The books followed in the PRODIGY Program are the PRODIGY JUNIORS GUIDE & the PRODIGY SENIORS GUIDE. These 2 books constitute the Postal IIT Foundation Self-Study Package. Each book has about 400 pages and systematically treats the subjects of Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

In every chapter, the key theoretical points are introduced along with illustrative examples. Each chapter has interesting Concept Testing Questions at the end. A separate question bank for inter-school competitive exams like Homi Bhabha, NTSE, MTS, IPM, NSO etc. is also included in the 2 books.

A very bright student may not need help and these books shall prepare a strong base for IIT studies. However, other students might need help from an elder one in the family of school teachers to understand the contents of the Self-Study Package.

An unique feature of this Self-Study Package which distinguishes it from any other IIT Foundation package available in the market is that this Package is concise and to the point. It includes only conceptual chapters and is designed with a clear view to build the essential foundation for JEE or Medical Entrance studies in Std.11-12. No unnecessary dumping of information or irrelevant chapters are included in the Self-study Package. The IIT-P academic team has distilled only the necessary essence and has presented it in the Self-Study Package.

In order to enroll for the Postal IIT Foundation Self-Study Package, you may send a plain paper application along with the photograph of the student and the exact postal address of his residence. Along with the application, a Demand Draft (DD) has to be send in favour of “IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra Pvt. Ltd.” payable at Pune. Contact us for details.


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