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Postal Test Series for JEE ADVANCED

IIT-P offers a set of 4 Unit-wise & 4 Full-Portion Tests for JEE ADVANCED with detailed printed solutions. A useful book of formulae and results called Compendium is also sent along with the Postal Tests Series. These Tests have been administered to hundreds of IIT Aspirants in IIT-P and hence accurate benchmarking of performance is possible. For each Test, the highest marks achieved by the student in IIT-P, the average marks achieved etc. are given so that the student can compare his performance easily.

A Rank-range predictor is also given along with every Full-Portion Test. The Tests are commensurate with the JEE ADVANCED levels of difficulty and exam pattern.

Along with the JEE ADVANCED Test Series, you are advised to also buy the IITIAN’s MASTER PACKAGE (IMP) which is a collection of excellent Subjective problems of JEE++ levels along withe detailed printed solutions. You can browse our website to find the details of the IMP. The IMP shall nicely complement the Test Series to sharpen your preparation for JEE ADVANCED exam.

In order to enroll for the Postal Test Series for JEE ADVANCED, you may send a plain paper application along with the photograph of the student and the exact postal address of his residence. Along with the application, a Demand Draft (DD) has to be send in favour of “IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra Pvt. Ltd.” payable at Pune.

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